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Inmate Landline number Service

Talk more for less and enjoy connecting with your loved one,
without the burden of excessive phone charges.

you can save a lot of money if your inmate calls Inmate engine number.


Best Price in New Zealand

Inmate Landline number - How it works

Give the inmate the new landline number. 
The inmate will be required to add the new number to their list of approved numbers. Prison staff will call the local number, which is forwarded to you, for verification. Once the number is approved by the prison staff and the number is added to their approved call list, start talking for less! 

Call forward to your existing mobile for 7c per minute.

Our landline numbers work from any NZ phone, including the prison’s new phone system.

New phone system Prisons

  • Auckland Prison

  • Auckland Regional Women's Corrections Facility

  • Hawke's Bay Regional Prison

  • Otago Corrections Facility

  • Mt Eden Corrections Facility

  • Christchurch Women's Prison.

Local number to Mobile


$10 - 100 mins
8.7 cents per mins

Local number to Mobile


$30 - 350 mins
7.5 cents per mins

Local number to Mobile


$50 - 630 mins
6.9 cents per mins

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